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Welcome to Vizzion50, our goal is to help you find a place to go for your next week end, or for a vacation and what to do, once you get there. There might not be tons of stuff, but we are adding new material all the time, so come back and visit.



London Bridge

The top 10 things do see and do in London.

The British capital is fascinating, vibrant and quite cosmopolitan. Beside the main tourist attractions, there are all those places made famous by the movies, famous novels and of course the music world. There are so many places that a mere week is not enough, so let’s plan ahead and make the most of our trip. If you’re a photo buff, the London Bridge, Big Ben will be a sure stop… but Soho and Piccadilly Circus can be quite colorful… cheers!Find out more

Eiffel tower

The 10 Things you must see in Paris

You are going to Paris for a week and you want to see as much as possible and above all live the Paris experience. What is there to say about Paris that hasn’t been said before? Well once you get there, you’ll discover why it’s the most visited City in the world. Read the rest...


The top 10 things to see and visit in Venice

Venice has that surreal quality about it. Shrouded in a mist at time, it a fantastic city to visit and discover. It has a postcard quality and no wonder it has been the background of so many movies. Find out more


New York City

The 10 Must see Places in New York city... and a little more

What are, the must see on Manhattan? Finally how to take a big chunk of the big Apple? Whether it’s your first visit or you are a returning visitor, there are always new things to see. Maybe they’re not that new, but if you didn’t know about them… they’re new to you, right! Want to know more?

Paul Revere Mall

Planning a Week end in Boston?- 10 things to see and do

There are a lot of things to see and do in Beantown. Whether it’s a visit to the Oyster house, a beer at Cheers or a stroll in the Charles River Reservation, you should have the feeling you really saw the place. ...make the most of your trip to Boston

Cable Car

The 10 must see places to see when in San Francisco

There are cities that offer so much that a mere 7 days aren’t enough to cover everything… San Francisco is one of those places. The city by the bay is the 33rd most visited city in the World. Established in 1776 as a Spanish outpost, it became the most famous a Boomtown of the Old West, in 1849 when the California gold rush began.
Check it out...

Jazz fest

The 10 Best Jazz Festivals

For those of us who are free and can afford it, we give you the top 10 Jazz festival in the free World. Long live Jazz…

See the whole review


Best sky places

The 10 Best Places to Ski in North America

Everybody agrees the best ski is in the West. Why is that the case? This is the land of endless slopes, steep, free-riding terrain and light as air powder. The west offers challenging terrain and abundant snow, a place you can venture off groomed trails and into bowls, glades, and chutes. If you live on the east coast and love to ski, here are some of the hottest spots on our side of the continent. No you don’t have to fly West to experience great skiing, right here in the North East there is plenty of challenging skiing to be done. Check it out

Hiking Trail

10 Great Trails in a fantastic environment

If you like to venture into the forest, trek through mountains or the desert, you’re probably looking for the next marvel to experience. You can find challenging trails in practically every National park, both in the US and Canada. If you pitch in the State parks and the Provincial parks, on top of that… well you don’t have to drive far to find great trails, but what about trails located in a fantastic environment? Read the rest

UFO Museum

10 Strange and Bizarre American Museums

We found museums dedicated to subjects you’d never dream could exist. Have a look, you might find something that falls into your alley… next time you ventures into unusual America.

You most see it to belive it.


The Best Summer Theatres in New England

Each summer brings a new season of summer theatre. From the grassy hills of Vermont, New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts to Cape Cod, we can count on quality performances by established actors and promising newcomers. Whether the venue is located in a barn or in a playhouse by the Charles, the quality remains.

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